This class is written for saving the measured data in a csv file. It supports following methods.

Creating filename

  • Syntax: filename(‘Enter_the_filename’)
  • Description: This method assigns the entered filename to the csv file. This method must be called before using any other method of this class.

Logging the Data

  • Syntax: data([data_list])
  • Description: This method saves the measured data (list) in the csv file ,it only accepts one argument. It’s advisable to save the multiple data points in a list form before entering it into this method.


  • datalog.filename(‘my_experiment’) , creates the filename.
  • datalog.header(‘device_number’,’temperature’,’voltage’) , opens the my_experiment.csv file and writes (appends) the row with header arguments.
  •[1,‘25C’,2.3]) , appends the entered data in the csv file.