scope- Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

This class is written for Tektronix Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope 7104. It supports following methods.

Channel settings

  • channel_offset(instr,ch_no, v_offset), sets the offset of a given channel.
  • channel_scale(instr,ch_no, v_scale), sets the vertical scale.
  • horz_scale(instr,scale), sets the horizontal scale.
  • bandwidth_full(instr,ch_no), sets the maximum bandwidth.
  • set_bandwidth(instr,ch_no,bw), sets the bandwidth to a given value.
  • autoset(instr), auto sets the scope.
  • set_abs_ref_lev(instr,abs_min_ref_lev,abs_max_ref_lev), sets the absolute reference levels used for rise fall delay measurements.
  • set_perc_ref_lev(instr,perc_min_ref_lev,perc_max_ref_lev), sets the percentage reference levels used for rise fall measurements.

Acquisition settings

  • run(instr), starts the acquisitions.
  • stop(instr), stops acquisitions.
  • run_mode(instr), configures the scope in continuous run mode.
  • single(instr), configures the in single acquisition mode.
  • single_refresh(instr), turns on the previously set acquisition mode.
  • averaging(instr,no_avg), configures in the averaging mode.
  • high_resolution(instr), configures in high resolution mode.
  • single_acquisition_quickset(instr,ch_no,lev,edge), clears measurements, sets the trigger and starts the single mode acquisition.

Trigger settings

  • trigger_quickset_rise(instr, ch_no,lev), sets the rising edge trigger level for a given channel.
  • trigger_quickset_fall(instr, ch_no,lev), sets the falling edge trigger level for a given channel.

Measurement functions

  • meas_cls(instr), clears the previous measurements.
  • measure_source(instr,ch_no), sets the given channel as default channel for measurements.
  • measure_amp(instr), measures immediate amplitude of the default channel.
  • measure_high(instr), measure immediate high value.
  • measure_low(instr), measures immediate low value.
  • measure_freq(instr), measures immediate frequency value.
  • measure_positive_duty(instr), measures immediate positive duty cycle.
  • measure_negative_duty(instr), measures immediate negative duty cycle.
  • measure_rise_time(instr), measures immediate rise time.
  • measure_fall_time(instr),measures immediate fall time.
  • measure_positive_pulse_width(instr), measures immediate positive pulse width.
  • measure_negative_pulse_width(instr), measures immediate negative pulse width.
  • delay(instr, ch1=1, ch2=2,edge_ch1 = ‘RISE’,edge_ch2 = ‘FALL’,direction =’FORW’), measures delay between two channels for given edge type and direction.

DPOJET functions (for jitter measurements)

  • dpojet_clr_meas, clears the measurements.
  • dpojet_state(instr), queries the state of the dpojet application.
  • dpojet_run(instr), runs the application.
  • dpojet_stop(instr), stops the application.
  • dpojet_population(instr,n), sets the population.
  • def dpojet_period(instr), sets the time period measurement.
  • def dpojet_result(instr), queries the measured values.
  • dpojet_status_query(instr), queries the status of measurement.
  • dpojet_quickset(instr,n), configures and measures the jitter in time period.